Crystal Magic Ball briefly LED applications and future directions

- Jun 08, 2016 -

  Said Crystal Magic Ball LED professional lighting name, possibly many people may not understand. To this end, as Guangzhou stage lighting manufacturers, today we're bringing you briefly LED Crystal magic ball and the future development direction, for LED Crystal magic ball to let everyone have a rough idea.

  LED Crystal magic ball is a KTV, bar, stage lighting, multiple light colors and patterns, and meet the needs of use. In future of application and development in the, LED Crystal magic ball in effect TNB General toward increasingly powerful, beam also increasingly more, light lamp beads number, and color and type are increased of trend development; in weight Shang on gradually like light of attack, purpose is to reduced transport of costs and installation of costs; in light sex aspects should better, this on need application to through photometric better of pattern and color, let lights of clarity more high; in adapted occasions using aspects, should is to has variety type, respectively for bar Hall, and KTV room needs.

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