Basics Of Stage Lighting Technology

- Jun 07, 2016 -

  Since the stage, lighting has become part of the stage. Stage lighting, your outstanding visual, aesthetic realism, and the four elements. Evolution has gone through years. Gradually developed into a relatively complete and advanced lighting systems. Play the first boom, appeared in more than 2000 years ago in ancient Greece. Theatre is open or half open at that time. Stage lighting on the sky that giant "light"-the Sun, so it can only be performed during the day. And the nights are for recreation needs, open-air performances are vulnerable to weather such as malpractice and dramatic development of stage lighting has become a problem that must be addressed.

  Performance lighting design success is marked by relevance of stage lighting. Stage lighting to illuminate not only the actors, for the audience to see facial expressions, posture and movement, more important is to make full use of lighting technology, mobility lighting operations and other means to enhance the artistic effect, the viewers an immersive feeling.

Stage lighting is mainly composed of computer lights and other lighting effect of the combination, through different scenic shape, different color variations, different perspectives, horizontal and vertical changes of angle and speed, strobe speed, Aperture and focal length change, and overall performance.

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